Dry Lining

Dry lining is a popular way of adhering plasterboard to surfaces including masonry, wood or metal. Fixings are used which are appropriate to the surface the plasterboard is to be attached to. We also dry-fix various plasterboard types (depending on the specification) onto timber or metal stud walls and ceilings using collated drywall screws Once the plasterboard has been adhered or fixed, we can then apply a finish plaster or tape and joint it, in readiness for other trades to complete the project. The Benefits of Dry Lining Fixing or adhering plasterboard to internal walls is a quick and clean method of speedy programme time, so there are commercial benefits to taking this approach, to both the client and the main contractor. There are different types of plasterboard used to meet building regulations. Acoustic board comes in an array of thicknesses depending on the building regulations to be meet. This application is also used in conjunction with both sound-deadening insulation and Resilient Bar to provide a sound proof room.